RVM rotary valves

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[available since BMT Software version 0.224]

Read the section about Adding a new AddOn Device.

Controlling the RVM rotary valves with the BMT Software.

The P200-O can be added using USB cable to the computer, the P201-O with direct RS232 connection.

The following valve head line is implemented: VD-6, VD-8, VD-10 and VD-12 as selection/distribution valves; VO-2 as ON/OFF valve and VS-4, VS-6 as switching/loop valves.

The programming functions and the program grid view are integrated for each of the valve configurations.

Each valve needs to be licensed for usage with the software.

Valve View

VD-6-Port valve head


VD-8-Port valve head


VD-12-Port valve head


VS-6-Port valve head



Name Description
Homing Moving to the homing position of the valve head
Command Manual command for the value (see manufacturers manual for commands)
fastest Rotating to the selected position in fastest way
clockwise Rotating to the selected position clockwise
counter clockwise Rotating to the selected position counter clockwise

Program control

Name Description
single The functions of the program table will be run once.
repeat The functions of the program table will be repeated.
repeat endless The repeating is endless and will only be stopped when the exception is stopped using the program stop button in the controller or program details.
repeat time The program table will be repeated for the time entered in this field.
Program table This table shows the configuration of the different program steps.

It is possible to re-order or delete the entries using the buttons at the right of the table, or the table menu using the right mouse klick.
It is also possible to edit rows of the program table for reconfiguration. [Since BMT Software version 0.228]

Program edit.png
Actions Programming the functions for the connected rotary valve

Grid View


More general details about the grid view in the Grid View Section.