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The BMT Controller allows to build up a network of multiple controllers running and programming fluidic devices. Each controller itself is connected using LAN or W-LAN and the configuration can be done using a JAVA-based software directly on each BMT controller or all together in the same Client Software on a Computer.

This makes it easy to expand the fluidic interfaces and functionality just by adding a BMT Controller to the network.

The following BMT Controllers are available:

  • DC-Controller with five individual DC ports running pumps or valves up to 24 VDC. The fifth port can also be configured running a Xavitech Black Edition pump.
  • Stepper-Controller with two current driven stepper ports and the possibility to operate syringe pumps using the 24 VDC homing sensor signal input.
  • Piezo-Pump-Controller with up to four individual piezo pump outputs. The number of outputs is configured with internal piezo drivers from Takasago (MPD-200A) and can be easily expand up to four. This controller is optimised for the Takasago piezo pumps. Each port can drive two piezo pumps in parallel. More information about the piezo output signal can be found in the Takasago MPD-200A manual.

Each port of the controller allows to run the device by configuration manually or by adding program entries.

There is the possibility to start the programs of each port on a controller all together or selectively. It is also possible to start the programs of all connected BMT Controllers in the Client Software by selecting each port of each controller. This allows to run complex fluidic programs easily.

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