3D Puzzles Overview

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3D fluidic puzzle overview 2019-05.jpg

We have developed 3D fluidic puzzles for different products of our product range.

RingPump RP-TX - peristaltic pump

Integrating the RP-TX to the fluidic puzzle for having a flow rate from 0,03 to 40µl/min.

RingPump RP-HX - peristaltic pump

The RP-HX allows a flow rate from 4 to 400µl/min or 14 to 1100µl/min with an easy exchangable head.

RingPump RP-QIII - peristaltic pump

The RP-QIII is available in different flow rates with a maximum of 3ml/min. The head is exchangeable.

RingPump RP-CIII -peristaltic pump

The RP-CIII allows up to 3ml/min - driven by a DC-motor.

RP-RO 6-Channel peristaltic pump

This miniature 6-channel peristaltic pump is driven by a DC-motor with a flow of 0,8ml/min of each channel.

Chip Pump

The miniature chip pump is separating the fluidic path in a PDMS chip. There are different chips available.

Media separated valves

We have developed different puzzle holders for our media separated valve line. There is also the possibility to develop customised solutions.

Membrane pumps for vacuum or pressure

There are 3D printed puzzles for the Xavitech membrane pumps for generating pressure or vacuum with gases.

Rotary valve P200-O

Having a small size rotary valve with up to 12 ports as a selector or distributor allows an extremely low carry over volume.


There are different supporting puzzles like bottle holder, spacers, etc.