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[available since BMT Software version 0.224]

Read the section about Adding a new AddOn Device.

Controlling the micro jet-valves using the ZC1 controller with the BMT Software.

Each computer needs to be licensed for usage of the ZC1 controller with the software.



Control parameter

Function Description
Peak current (Ip) Peak power value in 50 mA steps from 200 mA to 1400 mA (default 1200 mA)
Holding current (Ih) Holding power value in 50 mA steps from 50 mA to 722 mA (default 274 mA)
Release mode Operating mode selection.

Software = Software control
Open valve (level-controlled) (F0)
Single shot (edge-triggered) (F1)
Shot series (edge-triggered) (F2)
Endress shot series (level-controlled) (F3)
Single shot extended (edge-controlled) with adjustment of the opening time via analog input (0 - 4 V plus flushing positions) (F4)
Single shot (edge-controlled) with adjustment of the opening time via analog input (0 - 5 V) (F5)

Peak time (tp) Peak time in [μs]

Value between 100 and 4.000

Valve opening time (to) Opening time in [μs]

If Open-time < peak-time, the peak time is cutted down, ie Peak time = Open time.
Value between 50 and 5.000.000

Cycle time (T) Cycle time in [μs]

If cycle-time < open-time, the value is automatically adjusted. Cycle-time=open-time + 100 μs
A new shot can be triggered only when the cycle time has expired.
Value between 300 and 9.999.999

Frequency (Hz) Frequency of dosing interval.

Calculated according to valve opening time (to) and cycle time (T)


Function Description
On Opens the valve
One shot One shot with duration of valve opening time (to)
Shot series Number of shot series using control parameters
Endless shot series Endless shots using control parameters

Program control

Name Description
single The functions of the program table will be run once.
repeat The functions of the program table will be repeated.
repeat endless The repeating is endless and will only be stopped when the exception is stopped using the program stop button in the controller or program details.
repeat time The program table will be repeated for the time entered in this field.
Program table This table shows the configuration of the different program steps.

It is possible to re-order or delete the entries using the buttons at the right of the table, or the table menu using the right mouse klick.
It is also possible to edit rows of the program table for reconfiguration. [Since BMT Software version 0.228]

Program edit.png
Program types

Action = Different program action (Single shot, Shot Series, On, Endless shot series, Stop, Sleep)

Control Parameter = Setting new control parameter (Peak time, Valve opening time, Cycle time, Frequency)